What the F*ck is a Hero?

What the fuck is a hero? I wish someone would tell me, because on some real shit, depending on who you ask and where they’refrom, the answer to that question may totally go against the politically correct idea.

It’s like depending on what side of society, community, or social class people come from, their views may be extremely opposite on whatis “villainous” and “heroic” behavior.

Because if you ask a kid from Yale who his hero is, he may say Obama or Trump. But if you ask a kid from Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn he may say Jay-Z or Big Meech.

Now to me, both answers are completely understandable, and neither is wrong .

Obama and Trump feed countries. Meech and Jay feed hoods and ghettos.

Presidents care about the country’s best interest. Meech and Jay went to great extremes to ensure the well-being of their friends and employees, which was one of their paramount concerns.

Trump bombs nations.

Meech set the streets of Atlanta on fire!

How can that young kid from Brooklyn be faulted for his choices when these are the only examples of success and “heroes” to look up to?

Society says people should fear “these types.” But the government keeps order and peace with the same threat of punishment. And in both scenarios, that can sometimes mean death.

Why should I fear a man who just fed and clothed my entire family? And the man in the uniform who society says I should trust just gunned down my next door neighbor for trying to get his cell phone.

And they got away with it.

Shit, that could be me next time! Now that’s something to fear, that kid from Brooklyn might think.

They say cocaine is evil. It kills people, and those who profit greatly from selling it deserve to never see the outside world again. But cigarettes kill people too, and nobody gives a fuck that people make billions from them.

Whose fault is it that I wasn’t blessed with the opportunity to even consider running for the presidency or running a corporation? And because I wasn’t, I don’t deserve to live a lavish lifestyle as those who were so blessed? I should never live like those in the upper echelons of society, but I should spend my life trying to obtain this by playing by society’s rules, with no chance of ever obtaining it?

That’s not fair. 

I guess what separates heroes and villains, in my opinion, is intent. It’s like: what is your purpose?

What I’ve learned in life is that the hand you receive, sometimes you catch a flush and sometimes that motherfucker bust. But you still have to call your best hand.

But what the fuck do I know? I’m a felon, they’re calling me a villain. But to me, I did what I had to do to support those who depended on me. And I bet if you ask them, it would be a unanimous decision. I’m their hero.

-Bruno Mamwalee